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You have spent many months, or even a couple of years with your braces. They may not be old friends at this point, but you have come to know one another pretty well by now. But the day is right around the corner when it will be time for the braces to come off and for you to show off your smile to the world. What will happen when that day comes?

Removing your braces does not take very long and it is done in a single office visit. You may be surprised at how relaxing it is to suddenly have that pressure taken off of your teeth. But don’t reach for your phone to take a selfie just yet.

Once your braces are off, your dentist will remove the remaining dental cement from your teeth. Don’t be alarmed if you notice spots on your teeth. Plaque has built up around the your brackets which is why some places on your teeth are darker than others. It is perfectly normal and easily treated. You may also want to schedule an appointment for a cleaning and exam after your braces have been removed, and your dentist can take discuss a whitening treatment with you at that time.

The major hardware may have been removed, but you still aren’t quite done. Your dentist will give you a retainer to wear. Your braces have done the hard work of moving your teeth into their new positions. Your retainer will make sure that they settle into their new homes properly. There is no set time for wearing a retainer as every person is different. Some people need to wear their retainer for a few months, while others may need to do so for a longer period of time. However, it is important that you follow the dentist’s instructions about your retainer. Failure to do so could allow your teeth to drift back into their original positions, undoing the work of your braces.

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