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It may not seem like it when you get your braces on, but eventually, the day will come when your braces are removed. It may be months or even years, but that day will arrive.

Getting your traditional braces removed is a simple and quick process that is completed in a single visit. It is not painful, and you will probably feel relieved at the release of the pressure on your teeth. You may hear some noise and feel a small amount of pressure as the dentist removes the cement. You might be tempted to reach for your phone for the first post-orthodontic selfie, but you may want to wait on that. You may be surprised at the spots on your teeth. This is normal because plaque has been building up around your braces. This problem can easily be corrected by your dentist with a thorough cleaning and or whitening treatment. Generally a cleaning and exam is scheduled immediately after your braces come off.

Your dentist will give you a retainer to wear after you have had your braces removed. Although your teeth and the ligaments of your jaw have been moved into their new positions, your retainer will keep them where they need to be while they settle into their new alignment. This retainer may need to be worn at night, while you sleep or always. It will depend on your condition and what the dentist recommends.

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