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You can lessen your recovery time after a tooth extraction with a little planning. Nobody wants to have a tooth pulled, but occasionally it must be done. By planning ahead, you greatly increase your odds for a successful and speedy recovery. For a set of guidelines on what to do to recover from an extraction, look below:

– Use ice packs to reduce any swelling.
– Quit smoking, for at least 48 hours before and after surgery.
– Stay away from heavy exercise and other labor-intensive activities.
– Always follow the instructions from your dentist, especially regarding any prescription medications..
– If you experience any problems or anything unusual with your teeth and gums, contact our office.
– Anesthesia can cause a choking hazard, so avoid eating or drinking until the anesthesia has totally worn off.
– Be careful about what you eat after your surgery, since some foods may damage your mouth.

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