Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more permanent teeth, a dentist may recommend a dental implant. A dental implant is a post made of a material such as titanium. This post is surgically placed in the jawbone. The post is only a part of the full replacement of the missing... Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Might Be Needed After Your Braces Are Uninstalled

Each of your braces adjustments played an important role in effectively correcting the alignment of your teeth. Now that your teeth have achieved their ideal position and orientation, Dr. Garland and our staff can uninstall the braces components. Once this is done, you will still need to use some type... Read more »

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Do you have painful teeth? Do you experience sensitivity to tough, spicy or hot foods? If yes, you might need to stop by our office for an oral examination, and depending on what we find, we may recommend a root canal service. Learn a small bit more about when root... Read more »

A Mini Implant Surgical Procedure May Be the Best Option for You!

Dental implants are a great source to use when replacing missing teeth, placed into the jawbone so they don’t move out of place. Mini dental implants have the same building structure as regular-sized implants but are, of course, smaller. They both consist of a titanium post with a ball on... Read more »

Possible Reasons for Your Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth are a common problem, but an important one to pay attention to. This is because it may be a sign of a deeper issue. Here at Riverlake Family Dental in Sacramento, CA, our team is happy to give you more information. Here’s a basic list of possible explanations... Read more »

Coping with Life and its Effect on Your Oral Health

Due to the changes in the world we live in, many of our patients are living with much more stress than even 5-10 years ago. Many patients coming into dental offices are experiencing sore jaws, sensitive and or even fractured teeth. Yet they don't know the cause. Today, we not... Read more »

Invisalign® for Your Smile

Are you looking for a solution to straightening your smile without the use of metal braces being attached? A solution to this is the use of clear aligners such as Invisalign®! They are virtually invisible, fitting comfortably around your smile. Dr. Garland and our professionals here in Sacramento, California, want... Read more »

What Does a Dental Checkup Include?

As you may already know, your dental checkup is vital for a strong and successful oral health. This is why our dentist, Dr. Calvin Garland, strongly encourages you to have your checkup every six months. There are many reasons why you should have these checkups, and one of those reasons... Read more »

The Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you interested in improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Sacramento, California? If so, good for you! You’re on your way toward the smile you can be proud of. To help you know more about cosmetic dentistry so you can have an idea of how it works and what... Read more »

Are You a Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

There are several good reasons for replacing missing teeth. For one thing, missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious, and can be a barrier in social and work situations. Without your teeth, you look older than you actually are. Spaces in your smile can cause problems when eat or speak.... Read more »