What Happens During a Routine Dental Appointment

The time has come for your routine dental appointment. These appointments should be scheduled at least twice a year. This allows Dr. Calvin L. Garland and our dental team to work with you to maintain and improve your dental health. Dental Cleaning At the start of your appointment, our hygienist... Read more »

Bad Breath Causes

Bad breath, which is medically known as halitosis, can be very embarrassing and a downer on social outings. You may try to cover bad breath with mints, gum or mouthwash, but these are only temporary solutions. Address the cause of the problem with the help of Dr. Garland. Common causes... Read more »

Oral Cancer Awareness Month

As April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Garland and our team would like to educate you on the signs of oral cancer, as well as encourage you to visit our office for an oral cancer screening. Oral Cancer Oral cancer can include cancers of the lip, mouth, back of... Read more »

The Body Mouth Connection

Dr. Garland and his team understand that taking care of your mouth is an integral part of caring for your body. It may come as a surprise to you that there is a connection between your oral health and your overall health. Some cardiovascular diseases can affect your dental health,... Read more »

Can a Dental Implant Restore My Smile?

If you have lost one or more teeth due to severe decay, a dental accident, or another issue, our dentist in Sacramento, California, may recommend dental implants. A dental implant is typically made of titanium, which is a biocompatible material that is generally accepted by the body and serves as... Read more »

Unhealthy Gums Can Affect Your Overall Health

Your gums are an important part of your body. Yes, they support your teeth, but they also protect your body from infection. Your mouth is home to millions of bacteria and without the protection of your gums, that bacteria can find a way into your body. This not only can... Read more »

What Happens When Your Braces Come Off?

It may not seem like it when you get your braces on, but eventually, the day will come when your braces are removed. It may be months or even years, but that day will arrive. Getting your traditional braces removed is a simple and quick process that is completed in... Read more »

Brush and Floss for a Successful 2018

Many New Year’s Resolutions fall by the wayside by Valentine’s Day--but they don’t have to! Choosing a simple and effective resolution can be the key to positive change. Why don’t you start with your smile? Let’s review some basics of oral hygiene that you can resolve to do in 2018.... Read more »

Commonly Asked Questions About Dental Implants

If you have lost one or more permanent teeth, a dentist may recommend a dental implant. A dental implant is a post made of a material such as titanium. This post is surgically placed in the jawbone. The post is only a part of the full replacement of the missing... Read more »

A Fixed Retainer Might Be Needed After Your Braces Are Uninstalled

Each of your braces adjustments played an important role in effectively correcting the alignment of your teeth. Now that your teeth have achieved their ideal position and orientation, Dr. Garland and our staff can uninstall the braces components. Once this is done, you will still need to use some type... Read more »