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Do you have painful teeth? Do you experience sensitivity to tough, spicy or hot foods? If yes, you might need to stop by our office for an oral examination, and depending on what we find, we may recommend a root canal service. Learn a small bit more about when root canals are required by reading on below.

Inside each pearly white there is soft tissue containing blood vessels and nerves. This is known as pulp, and it provides nourishment for your teeth. Unfortunately, pulp can get infected. This infection can be caused by deep cavities, a fissured or broken tooth, or other damage to the tooth that goes unnoticed.

When this infection goes untreated, it can extend to the root of the tooth. This causes swelling and abscess development, occasionally spreading as a long way as the bone surrounding the root. Since bacteria can hurt the bone, this infection might cause complete tooth loss as chompers lose their connection to the jaw. In these instances, a root canal might be recommended to retain the tooth so it won’t need to be removed completely.

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