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Due to the changes in the world we live in, many of our patients are living with much more stress than even 5-10 years ago. Many patients coming into dental offices are experiencing sore jaws, sensitive and or even fractured teeth. Yet they don’t know the cause. Today, we not only have to be concerned with actual tooth decay and loss, but also the effect of stress in our daily lives! This stress can manifest these symptoms of sore, achy jaws; sensitive, and fractured teeth through our sleep. Stress can cause us to grind or clench during our sleep, henceforth the symptoms noted. Therefore, many dental offices are recommending “night guards”.

At RiverLake Family Dental, Dr. Garland is very aware of this new challenge in our everyday living and highly recommends night guards, especially to those who are coping with high levels of stress in their work or home life.

This small “tooth/night guard” is fitted to go either on your top or bottom front teeth and is barely noticeable while sleeping. On your initial appointment, impressions are taken of both upper and lower teeth and then sent to a dental lab that will then formulate the guard to uniquely fit your teeth. At your delivery appointment, Dr. Garland will insure the fit and give instructions on the daily care needed for your guard and answer any questions you may have.

If you are dealing with a lot of stress and experiencing any of the problems mentioned, please see Dr. Garland at RiverLake Family Dental, immediately! After Dr. Garland’s assessment, his team can fit you with a night guard to be worn while sleeping to help alleviate these symptoms and move you towards better oral health and hopefully, a better night’s sleep!

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