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Dental implants are a great source to use when replacing missing teeth, placed into the jawbone so they don’t move out of place. Mini dental implants have the same building structure as regular-sized implants but are, of course, smaller. They both consist of a titanium post with a ball on the end and the socket with a rubber O-ring attaching the post and tooth. Not only can they work for bridges and crowns, but they also work great for dentures!

Dr. Garland and our excellent staff are trained in placing your new teeth and implants with precision. Mini dental implants are very beneficial for someone looking for a cost-efficient and less-invasive procedure. After we give you the usual pre-op instruction and have received consent, we will continue the process by placing you in the operatory and drape you with the usual equipment. Indelible markers will then be used to mark the placement spots for the implants. Local anesthesia is used, and we will start the process by placing pilot drill holes transmucosally and penetrating the underlying bone to a depth of approximately 7mm.

The mini implants will then be placed using hand instrumentation. Here, the O-ring housings will be connected to the replacement teeth, such as dentures, also using acrylic reline material. After the procedure, you will have a post-op panoramic x-ray taken and placed on the correct amount of antibiotics and pain relievers. Be sure to have someone drive you home after your procedure. We will also schedule a post-op appointment with you.

This process is very similar to placing regular dental implants, but with mini dental implants, there are a few more benefits. Mini implants have the time advantage of being placed that day with the final tooth restoration being placed. It has a much less invasive nature which in result will have less discomfort. Another large benefit is how cost-effective this simple procedure is for you and your wallet.

Here at Riverlake Family Dental, we want to give you the best treatment as well as the best replacement tools you need to get back to your regular habits of chewing, eating, and speaking without the distraction of a missing tooth. For more information on mini dental implants, give our Sacramento, CA, office a call at 916-422-1823 today!